Jake Andrews: 5 Film

5 Film
Nome d'Arte:Jake Andrews
Professione:Porn Star
Razza:Caucasian - American
Colore degli occhi:Brown
Colore dei capelli:Brown
Pene: Circoncisione
Peli del corpo:Some hair
Ruolo Sessuale:Versatile
Extra:Jake Andrews is a horny, sometimes hairy muscle hunk from the mid-west of the US with a wonderfully thick cut cock who both topped and bottomed - but was much more impressive on his back. He started out in porn in 1992 and was still going strong more than 10 years later with the likes of Colt, but with a few breaks along the way. He stands about 6ft 1in tall and was born in 1965, lives in Australia and has studied at interior design school during his porn career.